Application for gamers to Create, play and share content with each other



Unity created a consumer division to provide better services to gamers and game developers. As part of this initiative, Rabble was founded to create a one-stop platform for gamers to connect, learn, play, and share their experiences all in one place. The goal is to make gaming easier and more enjoyable by having everything in one platform instead of multiple ones thus improving the overall gaming experience for both casual and professional gamers. Rabble has been tested with Unity users and has improved based on their feedback.

My role

As a lead designer for Comms, Identity and relationship feature, I worked with the product manager, and director to define the MVP of the product. I worked with user researchers to identify user needs for a product like Rabble and performed user testings to validate design decisions. I created high fidelity mockups and prototypes for several features for comms in order to deliver rich user experience and communication tools to users. I collaborated with engineers to ensure pixel perfect design execution on windows, iOS and android and maintained an internal design system for consistent design experience across pods and to increase the efficiency of the design process. 

The problem

During my time at Rabble, I improved the comms experience, introduced identity feature for gamers and designed friend management for gamers to manage their social circles.



Designing a friend management panel

To help gamers manage their social connections easily


Designing an onboarding experience for gamers

To provide gamers a way to create their identity and personlize the content they want to engage with.



Providing rich communication tools to enhance gameplay experience

Introduced new features and improved existing UX to deliver rich voice chat experience to the gamers. This include supporting emojis, GIF, images upload, video / screen share, game presence, and other details that provides rich experience to gamers.