Hello!! I'm Swapnil, based in Boston, MA, currently redesigning the community platform at TeamBlind. With over 5 years in design, I've tackled challenges in gaming, healthcare, recruiting, and film industries, dedicated to crafting seamless user experiences that blend functionality and aesthetics.

In school, I discovered my passion for sketching, seeing art as a powerful form of expression which drove me to study architecture, where I learned to infuse expression into physical spaces and explored user-centered design principles, focusing on functionality, system thinking, and user needs. An internship in Switzerland sparked my interest in digital architecture and human-computer interaction, driving me to pursue a degree in HCI at Indiana University.

Over the last 6 years, I've had the privilege of collaborating with a variety of companies, honing my skills in visual and interaction design, 3D modeling, design systems, usability testing, and mobile app design. I have a strong focus on bridging business needs with user interests.

Beyond work, I enjoy playing the piano, experimenting with cuisine, baking, creating art, sculpting, gardening, and mentoring young designers.

I believe the journey matters more than the destination, a principle I apply to my UX work. I'm currently exploring new opportunities – reach out if you're intrigued by my work.