Photogrammetry is the process of authoring a digital asset using multiple photos of the original real-world object. This research aims to develop 3D models associated with Prosthetics for IU School of Health and Indiana University structures in the most efficient manner.


Photogrammetry consists of four steps:

Documentation of Subject: Extracting photos from videos or capturing the images of the subject.

Aligning and Building Mesh: Using media like Autodesk Remake or Recap for building the mesh through photos.

Refining the Result: Importing model into Zbrush to improve the result.

Final Result: Import model into Unity or Unreal Engine to use as an object.


I performed the process of photogrammetry of several structures and people to generate 3D characters for gamification. 

School of Informatics and Computing, IUPUI

My face

Indianapolis downtown

Indianapolis downtown

Similarly, we assisted IU school of dentistry for generating a 3D model of a patient's face for a successful nose prosthesis.

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