Inter IIT sports

Inter IIT Sports Meet is the annual sports tournament of the Indian Institutes of Technology and was organized in December 2012, in Indian Institutes of Technology, Roorkee.

My Role

As a part of promoting the sports and fetching sponsorship from large organizations, I was nominated as the Design Manager for the overall event to design sponsorship brochure, notepads, Posters, banners, and other design accessories.  Apart from setting up design standards and developing the whole theme for the fest, I managed a team of seven designers.


Left image: Identity card designed for participants, volunteers, and coach.
Right image: D
esign of Invitation Card for 'Inter IIT Aquatic Meet.'

Cover pages for Rules and Regulations manual and Notepad


I used icons and contrasting color to reflect the strength of the event. Sponsorship brochure received loads of appreciation for its design and brought significant impact on the overall fest.

Designs for certificates and notepad designs

Flex for respective sports was designed in a team of seven members. I managed the resources, monitored and assisted team members in finding suitable inspirations and developing illustrations for Events


Cognizance is the technical fest of IIT Roorkee which is conducted on a massive scale with more than 1000 participants from all over the country.

My Role

I worked as design co-ordinator for the event assisting design manager in developing wireframes for website and developing visual designs for posters and flex.


Sponsorship brochure design for cognizance

Illustration for Centerstage events

Illustration for architecture department

Freelance work

Designed cover page illustration for crammer notebook

Poster design for an event of Architecture department

Cover page design for IIT Roorkee official literary magazine